G20BL-Bottom Loader

The G20BL (Bottom Loader) is the most versatile of our auto haulers and can boast weights with chassis included as low as the 42000 lb. range.

The G20BL is the most versatile solution on the market geared toward the POV delivery driver who may need to unload in a different order than originally loaded. It allows for access to the car on the bottom rear of the head rack without unloading the entire trailer which will drastically reduce your unloading time. This model is available in sleeper or day cab variations and can be built on to any major car hauling platform.

The G20BL comes equipped with a very high level of standard equipment including galvanized lifting arms, removable drop pockets, and select decks, as well as our crew cab truck package, and much more. We also offer a hefty list of options and colors to make your build your own while also offering a car hauling solution built to last.

We can also build our auto haulers on select preowned models with minimal chassis modifications. Our service department is available to remove your old head rack and stinger in order to make way for the Lohr platform.

Discover our G20 Bottom Loader in video: https://youtu.be/QuuQCiITIi4