LOHR is a French Group headquartered in Alsace near the city of Strabourg.
For more than 50 years it is the global specialist in design, manufacture and marketing of goods transport systems.

With more than 2000 employees worldwide, development center with more than 120 engineers and technicians, and state of the art manufacturing facilities in France, United States, Mexico, China, India and Turkey, LOHR consolidates its position as the world leader in the car transporters vehicle market. It also develops its innovative piggyback activity and promotes projects for the benefit of sustainable mobility with its electric axles Boreal and Axeal and its Electric connected Shuttles, Cristal.

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LOHR North America

LOHR North America brings to the entire region transport logistics industry, relevant innovations and products, but also tangible solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

With its new team and new manufacturing facilities, the North American operation integrates design, manufacturing and marketing with the following integrated offers:

  • New and used vehicle sales
  • Technical assistance and consulting
  • Users training
  • Load training on site or in house
  • Optimized load configurations and documentation.

We focus on bringing to life short and long term solutions dedicated to vehicle transport concepts and systems.

  • Safety and user friendly systems
  • Fuel economy, CO2 reductions and eco-friendly system
  • Performances and compliance with latest regulations
  • Optimization of loading times
  • Monitored and anticipated operation and life cycles of the vehicles

LOHR, your Partner for innovative vehicle Transport Solutions…

Our head ramps can be fitted to all major car hauler tractors, and fit all LOHR North America trailers

The EVO Series trailers are the newest edition to the LOHR North America product line.

Our refurbishment team can work on any make or model and with any budget

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We are not expecting you to need trailer service in a hurry

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